Vino Giù

A Unique Wine, Water, and Chocolate Experience

Vino Giù is a beautifully designed venue that offers your palate a tantalizing experience on every level. Our wine, water, and chocolate venue serves premium-quality wines and chocolates, a unique crystal infused gem water bar, and delicious artisan cheeses and charcuterie that will take your taste buds on an amazing adventure. Our collection of wines are made from the finest grapes sourced locally and around the world and handpicked by our Sommelier. Located in beautiful Estes Park, CO, Vino Giù is the perfect gathering place if you’re looking for more than just wine tasting or a place to unwind. Vino Giú is an experience!


If you're looking for products to complement your experience at Vino Giù, check out our online store below. We offer beautifully handcrafted gemstone water decanters and vials created by VitaJuwel, chocolate collections that will make your mouth water, and our wild crafted personal romance packages.